Overseas missions and partnerships

Pastors Yesupadam and Gillies

Pastor Yesupadam visited Victory Christian Centre in July 2018 bringing back some great news from India!

Kathleen Home Ministries

India has restricted preachers and Bible teachers from overseas ministering to its 1.2 billion people so the need to rise up local Christian leaders is now more urgent than ever.

Kathleen Home Ministries was born out of the vision and passion of Rev. V. Yesupadam. As a young man he came to Jesus when his mother was miraculously healed and raised from the death bed. Pastor Yesupadam’s mother was not only healed that day, but now 35 years later she continuously preaches the gospel with signs and wonders following. Her name is Kathleen; thus, the orphanage and the ministry bears her name Kathleen Home.

Kathleen Home Ministries operates the Paul Gillies Bible College and Kathleen Home Orphanage. He and his wife have planted 50 churches in Southern India, and oversee a network of 650 churches. Providing them monthly economic support, as well as teaching and supervision. In the orphanage, children who would otherwise live deadens lives in the streets, have now been transformed by the power and love of Jesus.

Paul Gillies Bible College

In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, only a few miles inland from the Bay of Bengal, lies the little rural community of Likhitapudi.  Here, amidst the coconut trees, fish farms and rice fields, Victory Christian Centre has built a Bible College dedicated to equipping men and women to take the Gospel throughout India and to plant churches in villages where the name of Jesus is unknown. 

A student of ours at Paul Gillies Bible College, India.


One of our church leaders Hatina Tapatapa, is the Chairperson of a charity called Orphanaid, a worthwhile cause! 

Orphanaid is a Scottish registered charity founded to educate poor orphans, marginalised female children, abandoned and neglected school children in rural Zimbabwe through child sponsorship. The charity was founded in response to the growing number of orphans dropping out of schools, both primary and secondary, as a result of lack of school fees, usually after the death of parents. Relatives and grandparents are usually unable to take on the extra burden to pay for fees, hence the children are kicked out of schools. For over 6 years this charity has helped so many children stay in school, thanks to all those kind people sponsoring these children.

Why not consider supporting the good work the charity does? 

If you would like more information about Orphanaid or to sponsor a child, why not contact them directly by visiting their facebook page: