ACCF & Their Easter Retreat

The ACCF had a successful and enjoyable Easter Retreat at Victory Christian Centre after which they joined the Members of the Centre in our Easter Sunday Service.


The African and Caribbean Christian Fellowship (ACCF) was established over 40 years ago in Scotland. We are a Christian Charity organisation that comes together to meet every Sunday at 3:30pm at Gorbals Christian Centre, 37 South Portland Street, Glasgow, G5 9JL.  We have associated ACCF branches in Edinburgh and Aberdeen that meet at their own buildings. For more information regarding this please email: We regularly hold bible studies, prayer meetings and praise and worship thanksgiving services, look after the welfare of others and integrate new students into the Scottish community.

We host various community projects e.g. our annual Easter Retreat, annual summer picnic and annual joint fellowship once a year where all 3 branches of ACCF combine. In addition to this we go to Dungeval Detention Centre twice monthly to hold a service for those currently in the centre. We are a Christian fellowship open to all races, groups and nations! A few of our original founding members were in fact from the heart of the Scottish Community. We hope to have you join us at one of our events or weekly gatherings. God bless.